PR Matters

Communications beyond the one-size-fits-all model

From political to playful; from new medical procedure to skin care range; from major event to community engagement campaign – PR Matters promotes it with zest and integrity. Be your story national or local, be it popular or professional, our team of experienced communicators will trumpet it in ways that sing to even the most jaded audience.

That’s because our campaigns are not the one-size-fits-all models you may be used to. A boutique enterprise that expands or contracts to your needs, PR Matters’ approach is personal, flexible and responsive.

And we’re effective – because each campaign is a potent blend of tried-and-true methods spiced with zingy new ideas that speak to your audience.

When media receive news endorsed with our name, they know they can trust and follow the story. And when you entrust your campaign in our hands, you can be assured that we nurture it from seed to fruition, leaving no potential untapped.

And that includes social. We listen, we integrate, we create. Our campaigns are designed to get people engaged with your story.

Above all, PR Matters works with your team to help your enterprise prosper. Come and see us, discuss our methods and witness over two decades of successes through all imaginable media, and for every type of campaign – from international airline, national hospital group, and horticultural products to local art gallery.